Emergency Communications

Emergency Notification Information

Milan Special School District offers an emergency notification system to deliver recorded phone, email messages, and/or text messages whenever schools close due to inclement weather, if schools are to dismiss students early, or for some other emergency.

With this emergency notification system, two phone numbers (the top two {2} contacts in Synergy/Parent Vue) and one email address for a guardian have been imported into the ThrillShare-MSSD's all-call system. The information was taken from the Synergy student records database. Student records also contain Emergency Contact Information with the names of individuals the school may call if the parents are unavailable. The emergency contact information is NOT imported into ThrillShare (all-call system), only the top 2 contacts from Synergy Parent Vue Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my currently listed phone numbers and emails in the Student Information System?
You can verify/modify this information by visiting the Synergy Parent Vue Portal, Reminder: The top 2 contacts are called via the all-call system.

How many times will I be called if I have children in more than one school? 
When a District-wide call is deployed, all phone numbers/email addresses that are associated with your household will be called two times unless the first call is answered or voicemail picks up. There is a brief pause before the message begins so if you miss a call, please check your voicemail before calling the school back.

How many phone numbers and email addresses will be imported to ThrillShare for the Emergency Notification? 
Per student record, the top 2 contacts from the Parent Portal Contacts page within Synergy will be called and/or emailed. Contact order can be adjusted at any time via the online registration process or by logging in to Synergy Parent Vue Portal.

What if I don't have access/use the Internet and want to update my phone or email addresses?
Please call your school to update these records – this is only available for parents who do not have computer access.

Can I opt-in or opt-out to receive a text with ThrillShare?
Yes. You may opt out at anytime after receiving an all-call.

What other ways can I find out about school closures or emergencies besides ThrillShare?
Besides telephone and email, all information regarding schools closing will be posted on the Milan Special School District's Website, on Facebook and Twitter and local media outlets.