Business Operations

The Finance Department of Milan Special School District is responsible for providing leadership and management for several key areas, including Finance, Risk Management, Benefits, School Nutrition, and Purchasing. Its primary function is to oversee and manage the financial affairs of the entire school system, which involves assisting with budget development and long-term financial planning to ensure the district's financial stability and sustainability.

To maintain accurate financial records, the department establishes and supervises an accounting program that meticulously records all monetary transactions and credit activities. Additionally, it handles payroll management, prepares monthly retirement reports, and files quarterly payroll reports.

The department plays a crucial role in managing the collection, safekeeping, and distribution of all funds within the school system. This includes administering various funds, such as the Sales Tax Capital Projects fund, and managing the accounting and drawdown of funds from the City. Furthermore, the department oversees grant accounting, including the Coordinated School Health Grant and Voluntary Pre-K grant, as well as Federal Projects accounting through ePlan.

Moreover, the Finance Department oversees the school system's real estate and insurance programs, ensuring that the district's assets and properties are properly managed and protected. It establishes a budget control system to maintain financial discipline and adherence to financial plans.


Leanne Green, Finance Director