Emergency Closing of Schools

If inclement weather or other emergencies force closing schools, information will be given as early as possible. An automated all call /text alert will be sent to parents/guardians to notify families of the emergency closing of schools. In addition, you may also tune into local radio stations and media outlets for updated information.

Radio Stations and Media Outlets

  • Victory 93.7

  • Froggy 104.1

  • WYN 106.9


  • WREG News Channel 3

In order to prevent unnecessary tying up of telephone lines, it is requested that radio and television stations, teachers, and other school personnel not be called.  Additionally, Milan Special School District social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) will give updates to any changes in school times or closing of school.

Reopening of school will not be announced, but the closing announcement will be made each day as necessary. In the unlikely event that the decision is made to dismiss students before the end of the school day, radio and TV stations will be notified, and the automated phone calling system will be activated to inform parents directly.

Early Dismissal: There may be occasions that there will be a need to dismissal school early for the safety of the students and staff. An automated all-call will be sent to parents/guardians to alert families of the dismissal plan. Local media outlets will also be notified to alert the public.

Delayed Start Day: There may be occasions that there will be a delayed start to the school day due to weather conditions. The schools will stagger the start time as it would on a normal school day. For example, if drop off time is normally 7:30 a.m. and there is a two hour delay the new time will be 9:30 a.m. Milan Special School District will communicate any delays through the automated alert system, district website, and social media platforms.