Name & Position Contact Info
Mary  S Reel, Ed.D.
Director of Schools
731-686-0844  Ext:2022
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Vera  Jones
Supervisor of Instruction
731-686-0844  Ext:2023
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Dexter  Williams
Human Resources/Transportation
731-686-0844  Ext:2018
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Lisa  Bradford
731-686-0844  Ext:2012
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Dana   Carey
Special Programs
731-686-0844  Ext:2026
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Dawn  Darden
731-686-0844  Ext:2033
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Marilyn  Goodman
Pupil Services/Out-of-District
731-686-0844  Ext:2020
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Kevin  Bradford
731-686-0844  Ext:2024
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Vickie  Dunaway
School Nutrition
731-686-0844  Ext:2013
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Craig  Rogers
Computer Technician

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Melissa  Garmany
Administrative Secretary
731-686-0844  Ext:2010
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Dianne  Holt
Administrative Bookkeeper
731-686-0844  Ext:2016
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Sharon  Petty
731-686-0844  Ext:2014
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Denise  Scott
Human Resources/Transportation Admin. Secretary
731-686-0844  Ext:2019
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Lisa   Springer
Special Programs Admin. Secretary
731-686-0844  Ext:2025
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