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Jonathan  Criswell
Director of Schools
731-686-0844   Ext:2011
Email Jonathan Criswell
Tammy   Rushing
Supervisor of Instruction K-8
731-686-0844  Ext:2023
Email Tammy Rushing
Jackie  Hopper
Supervisor of Instruction 9-12/MSSD Complaint Manager
731-686-0844  Ext:2017
Email Jackie Hopper
Dana   Carey
Federal Programs/Special Education
731-686-0844  Ext:2026
Email Dana Carey
Craig  Rogers
Director of Technology/MSSD Complaint Manager
731-686-0844   Ext:2012
Email Craig Rogers
Jason  Carter
731-686-7232  Ext:2398
Email Jason Carter
Marilyn  Goodman
Pupil Services/Alternative Education/Attendance
731-686-0844  Ext:2020
Email Marilyn Goodman
Denise  Scott
Human Resources
731-686-0844  Ext:2018
Email Denise Scott
John  Paul Miller
731-686-0844  Ext:2024
Email John Miller
Vickie  Dunaway
School Nutrition
731-686-0844  Ext:2013
Email Vickie Dunaway
Melissa  Garmany
Receptionist/Accounts Payable
731-686-0844  Ext:2010
Email Melissa Garmany
Dianne  Holt
Bookkeeper for Special Programs, Special Educataion, & Food Services
731-686-0844  Ext:2016
Email Dianne Holt
Joyce  Kilzer
Administrative Assistant to Federal Programs and Special Education
731-686-0844  Ext:2025
Email Joyce Kilzer
Sharon  Petty
731-686-0844  Ext:2014
Email Sharon Petty
Donny  Joyner
731-686-0844   Ext:2021
Email Donny Joyner
Lisa   Springer
Administrative Assistant to Director and Board
731-686-0844  Ext:2022
Email Lisa Springer
Jo Ann  York
Attendance/Drop Out Prevention/Home School
731-686-0844   Ext:2015
Email Jo Ann York
Lorrie  Barbour
731-686-0844  Ext:2033
Email Lorrie Barbour
Kate  Smith
Coordinated School Health
Email Kate Smith
Cheryle  Schreiber
Coordinated School Health
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